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The puroBIO home soap kit is composed of a bio soap made of Shea butter and olive oil, combined with a bamboo fiber soap holder.

The soap
The soap combines in a balanced way the emollient, antioxidant and moisturizing properties of Shea butter and the nourishing properties of olive oil.

The result is a Biological product, natural and versatile.

It can be used for cleansing and hydration as well as for the skin of the hands, including that of the body and face.

It also has decongestant and soothing effects so it can be really useful after shaving or in case of cold chapping on the face, hands and feet.

 The soap holder
Bamboo fiber is a valid alternative to plastic and resins, we have chosen this material because in addition to being natural it is resistant and durable.

The soap holder is available only in a dull black color, slightly rough, with the puroBIO home logo in the center.

The soap bar has the same certifications found on most of the cosmetics line; is therefore certified BIO by CCPB, Nichel Tested and Vegan Ok, in absolute continuity with the quality of our make-up line.


Format: 100 gr