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RESPLENDENT Highlighter / 4 Shades 

Impalpable texture – compact light

 RESPLENDENT highlighter, thanks to its light and delicate silky texture, it is perfect for recreating and emphasizing natural light points in the face.

The formulation is almost creamy, thanks to the presence of vegetable glycerine and organic castor oil. The 100% natural pigments blend with the skin, for a natural, fresh and glow effect.

The application is simple, applied with the fingertip you will get a light defined and intense, with the brush will be more nuanced and delicate.

The packaging with the magnetic refill system, allows to substitute the product, choosing a different color or reloading it once finished, the mirror inside makes the product pret à porter.

Available in 4 color variants:

n. 01 CHAMPAGNE: for all skin types

n. 02 PINK: for light skin

n. 03 COPPER: for medium, dark and tanned skin

n. 04 PINK GOLD: for medium, dark and tanned skins

How to use:
Apply on the upper part of the cheekbone, and on the other areas to be illuminated, blending well.

Perfect if applied with the brush n. 02, for small details we recommend the brush n. 09. 

Apply it on the body with the brush n. 01.

It can also be used as an eyeshadow.

 The product is Nickel tested, Vegan Ok and is certified biologic from ccpb.

Main Ingredients:
Corn starch, shea butter, mica, apricot oil, avocado oil, karanja oil, rice powder.



 Liquid Highlighter / 3 Shades 

Pure light for your face and your body!

The freshness of cornflower water meets super bright pearls, which thanks to the vegetable glycerin are fixed for a long time on the skin.

Liquid Stardust has a super thin texture, it is possible to modulate its intensity, it gives light and radiance to the complexion for a natural to intense finish.

LIQUID STARDUST is available in three colors:

n. 01 CHAMPAGNE: that reflects light in a soft and homogeneous way, adapting to every complexion.

n. 02 GOLD PINK: that combines the warmth of gold and pink which makes it perfect for a warm and tanned undertone.

  n. 03 COLD PINK: with a very delicate frost effect, its precious pearls reflect light in a delicate and slightly iridescent way, the most suitable for a wet effect.

This liquid illuminant can be used in different ways:

Mixed with the moisturizing cream it will give a discreet and diffused brightness to the skin.

• On the face together with the foundation, it will make the foundation bright and with a dewy (wet) effect.

Alone, applying it locally to enhance certain areas of the face such as the upper part of the cheekbone, the tip of the nose and the bow of cupid and areas of the body such as shoulder, clavicle, tibia, etc.

Extra tip:
you can mix multiple colors. You can also use them in combo with our compact highlighters.

Hove to use:
Shake the bottle well. Apply a few drops of product on the back of the hand. Apply the product with the help of fingers, a brush (n. 09 for the face, n. 11 for the body) or a sponge blender on the areas to be illuminated on the face and / or body.

Keep away from sources of direct light and heat, do not apply in the periocular area or directly in contact with mucous membranes, always close the container after use, personal use.

Liquid Stardust is BIO certified by ccpb, Nickel Tested and is Vegan OK.